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Interesting Facts About Toilet Paper You Ought To Know

Toilet paper has become an essential commodity for a lot of people. Research says that the daily production of toilet paper is estimated at about 83,048,116 rolls. That’s just how ubiquitous toilet rolls have become in our modern lifestyle. Still, here are some fun facts about toilet paper that might just pique your interest in this little item that we use daily.

1. A person uses approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper per day!

A survey was conducted to determine how many sheets of toilet paper an average person uses every day. If the estimate of 57 sheets per day is accurate, that makes 399 per week, 1,710 per month, 20,805 per year, and a whopping 1,664,400 sheets if a person lives to be 80 years old. That’s a whole lot of toilet rolls to use!

2. Before toilet paper, people used a lot of things to clean up.

Ancient toilet paper substitutes include natural items such as corncobs, ferns, fruit peels, hay, hemp, husks, and moss. However, early civilizations also used items such as broken pottery, sand, seashells, stones, and wool. The Ancient Romans used sponges on sticks and then soaked in water.

3. A Japanese horror novelist once printed an entire novel on toilet paper.

Not only was he famous for writing The Ring, but Koji Suzuki also printed out his novel Drop on a toilet paper roll in a public bathroom. The entire novel spans 9 chapters and runs a length of 3 feet. Definitely one of the coolest toilet paper facts.

4. The most expensive toilet paper was worth $1,500,000 a roll.

An Australian man made the roll with 22 karat gold flakes. While the original purpose of the creation was promotional,

it is still up for sale

5. Around 75% of the world's population does not use toilet paper.

About four billion people in the world do not use toilet paper (that's nearly 75 percent of the world's population) because it's too expensive and they do not have sufficient plumbing.